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Photo of Head Office Staff


Staff Listing


Philip Mills, Executive Director

Ext. 7477, philip@ilcwr.org 

Lise Hancock, Director of Service

Ext. 7471, lise@ilcwr.org 

Paula Saunders, Director of Access and Awareness

Ext. 7478, paula@ilcwr.org  

Christina Churchill, Occupational Health and Safety Supervisor

Ext. 7480, christina@ilcwr.org

Leanne Schade, Finance Coordinator

Ext. 7489, leanne@ilcwr.org

Madison Babin, Fundraising Coordinator and Executive Assistant

Ext. 7425, madison@ilcwr.org

Andrena Lockley-Brown, Community Relations Coordinator

Ext. 7474, andrena@ilcwr.org

Linda Carrigan, Direct Funding Administrative Coordinator

Ext. 7451, linda@ilcwr.org

Connie Wallbank, Direct Funding Administrative Assistant

Ext. 7493, connie@ilcwr.org  

Sandy Stauffer, Attendant Services Supervisor- Mooregate Assisted Living and Kitchener Central

Ext. 7490, sandys@ilcwr.org

Cathy Doerbecker, Attendant Services Supervisor-Shamrock Assisted Living, Waterloo and North Kitchener

Ext. 7495, cathy@ilcwr.org

Sabrina Jesso, Attendant Services Supervisor – Kiwanis Assisted Living and Cambridge

Ext.7496, sabrina@ilcwr.org

Alyssa Ward, Attendant Services Supervisor - Linden Assisted Living and South Kitchener

Ext. 7491, alyssa@ilcwr.org

 Kelly Stamper, Human Resources Manager

Ext. 7488, kelly@ilcwr.org

Vanessa Henrichs, Scheduling Coordinator

Ext. 7483, vanessa@ilcwr.org

Xigda Castro, Scheduling Coordinator

Ext. 7482, xigda@ilcwr.org  

Avril Petipas, Scheduling Coordinator

Ext. 7494, avril@ilcwr.org 

Josie Gumz, Scheduling Coordinator

Ext. 7492, josie@ilcwr.org 

Jim Ducharme, Reception/Administrative Assistant




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December 8th, 2017