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About Independent Living Centre of Waterloo Region: The Vision of Independent Living Centre of Waterloo Region is “Together, Freedom Though Access and Choice”. ILCWR believes that accommodation, which embraces the diversity of persons with disabilities and is sensitive to unique needs, is essential to support persons with disabilities to exercise their rights and responsibilities.

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ILCWR is committed to inclusive hiring practices. If you require information in an alternative format or accommodation throughout the recruitment process and/or employment , please contact Human Resources.


Spotlight on...


Every month ILCWR chooses an outstanding team member to shine our spotlight on. Some employees choose not to be recognized online. Here are some of our teammates that have previously been recognized. 

Spotlight on Kari!




Tell us about yourself: I work a lot!  I like to spend with family on my downtime.

Current Position: Evening Shift Attendant

Team Member since: Aug 28th 2009

What I enjoy most about being an Attendant: helping people

If I wasn’t an attendant…I would be a Police Officer

What advice would you have for potential or new Attendants? Be open minded, not everyone is going to treat you always the way you feel you should be treated

Independent Living means I get to help people stay in their homes. Consumers get to live the life they want to with the extra help they need.

Favourite Band: Imagine Dragons

Favourite Team: Toronto Blue Jays

Favourite TV Show: Grey’s Anatomy

Favourite Travel Spot: I wish I could travel to Australia

Hobbies: Work out, read, kayaking, hiking

Obsessions: Animals

Best Quality: friendly

Greatest achievement: finishing school and starting my career

Supervisor Quote: Kari is a very caring, empathetic and flexible attendant. We appreciate her calm demeanour and willingness to help. She is always putting others first and helps out in any way she can.



Spotlight on Barb!



Tell us about yourself: I moved to Canada 5 years ago. This was my first job in Canada. I was very lucky to find ILCWR. It is a good match for me!

Current Position: FT Attendant, Shamrock

Team Member since: Dec 10 2012

What I enjoy most about being an Attendant:  I like that there is social and physical work. It is a good balance.

If I wasn’t an Attendant…I would like to be living in a little cabin in the woods.

What advice would you have for potential or new Attendants? Enjoy your job and enjoy each person you work with.

Independent Living means to me people living in their own homes and living their life the way they want to.

Favourite Band: Sweet Honey

Favourite Team: not a sports person 

Favourite TV Show: This is Us

Favourite Travel Spot: Sierra Nevada, California. I would love to travel to British Columbia.

Hobbies: Gardening, reading, singing

Obsessions: Being on time

Best Quality: I am a good listener

Greatest achievement: Coming to Canada

Supervisor Quote:  Barb is a very caring and empathetic Attendant. We appreciate her calm demeanour. She always thinks of others first and she is willing to assist in any way she can.



Spotlight on Liliana!




Tell us about yourself: I have been married for 23 years. I have a daughter that is 22 years old. My daughter is everything to me! I have an 11 year old dog that I love!

Current Position: Part Time Attendant

Team Member since: Feb 15 2012

What I enjoy most about being an Attendant: I enjoy being with people. I enjoy everything about my job especially helping people.

If I wasn’t an Attendant…renovating houses or owning a restaurant

What advice would you have for potential or new Attendants? Be very calm, especially in the morning and if consumers are experiencing pain. Never bring your personal problems to work, leave them at home.

Independent Living means... that consumers can live in their own home and they are happy

Favourite Band: Katy Perry

Favourite Team: I do not have a favourite sports team

Favourite TV Show: Cooking channel, I love cooking shows

Favourite Travel Spot: Everywhere!! I enjoy traveling all over!

Hobbies: I enjoy gardening, cooking, painting and fixing houses

Obsessions: Coffee! I have 3-5 coffee’s a day

Best Quality: I can be around people. People call me when they need me and I can calm people.

Greatest achievement: I came to Canada and now I can do what I like to do, especially my career. 

Supervisor Comment: One word that I think of when Liliana’s name comes to mind is SUPERSTAR! Liliana is a hardworking attendant who is always willing to help out when needed. Liliana always has her consumer's best interest in mind and it shows in the work that she does. Keep up the excellent work!



Spotlight On Annette!


Image of Annette


Tell us about yourself: I have worked for ILC for 7 years, both within Outreach & the Kiwanis ASL site, most recently  in a Leadership role at the Linden site. My experience has been both exciting as well as challenging & I have enjoyed every minute! Thank- you to all the Consumer’s & Staff I have had the honour to work with.

Current Position: Lead Attendant, Linden Assisted Living Site

Team Member since: September 6th,  2010

What I enjoy most about being an Attendant: I love all the consumers. I love the diversity of the people we work with.

If I wasn’t an Attendant…I would go back to Nursing

What advice would you have for potential or new Attendants? Want to be the best that you can be! Pay attention to detail, work hard and listen. Listening is very important.

Independent Living means to me…to help individuals to live a full independent life. We are an extension of them.

Favourite Band: Modern English

Favourite Team: Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Blue Jays

Favourite TV Show: Ozark

Favourite Travel Spot: Port Dover and Pinehurst with my kids

Hobbies: I enjoy being outside gardening, going to the beach and swimming with family

Obsessions: COFFEE! I have to have my Tim Horton’s every day

Best Quality: big heart and caring personality   

Greatest achievement: my kids!!

Supervisor Comment: Over the last several years I have had the privilege of working with Annette in many different capacities. One thing that has constantly stuck out to me about her is her positive attitude, work ethic and smile. Annette is a wonderful asset to our team here at Linden and hopped right on board with all the changes we are making.  Thank you Annette for all of your hard work!




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