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127 Victoria Street South Suite 201, Kitchener, N2G 2B4

Tel: 519-571-6788 |  Email: | Fax: 519-571-6388 

Monday - Friday: 8:30am to 4:30pm

Head Office Staff Listing

Philip Mills, Executive Director

Ext. 7477, 

Lise Hancock, Director of Service

Ext. 7471, 

Kelly Stamper, Director of Human Resources

Ext. 7488,

Leanne Schade, Finance Coordinator

Ext. 7489,

Madison Babin, Fundraising Coordinator and Executive Assistant

Ext. 7425,

Andrena Lockley-Brown, Program Manager

Ext. 7474,

Linda Carrigan, Direct Funding Administrative Coordinator

Ext. 7451,

Connie Wallbank, Direct Funding Administrative Assistant

Ext. 7493,  

Alyssa Schade, Direct Funding Resource Coordinator

Ext. 7479, 

Sandy Stauffer, Attendant Services Supervisor- Kitchener Central

Ext. 7490,

Cathy Doerbecker, Attendant Services Supervisor-Waterloo and North Kitchener

Ext. 7495,

Alyssa Ward, Attendant Services Supervisor - Linden and South Kitchener

Ext. 7491,

Vanessa Henrichs, Scheduling Coordinator

Ext. 7483,

Xigda Castro, Scheduling Coordinator

Ext. 7482,

Josie Gumz, Scheduling Coordinator

Ext. 7492,

Dan Lajoie, Community Resource Coordinator


Holli Norman-Vlach, Community Resource Coordinator


Jim Ducharme, Reception/Administrative Assistant