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A mystery shopper is someone who visits restaurants, hotels, grocery stores and other places of business to evaluate the service. The visitor appears to be like any other; however, this shopper is paying close attention to details. They are looking at how knowledgeable the staff is, how clean the washrooms are, how good the food is and so on.  In an accessibility mystery shop, the visitor is looking for all the same things, only this time they are also evaluating the accessibility of the establishment and inclusivity of services.

The ACCESS program allows you to evaluate the accessibility of your business and assess the performance of your employees- all for a low cost.

For more information about this program or to book a mystery shop in Waterloo Region contact: Andrena Lockley-Brown andrena@ilcwr.org

This program was developed in collaboration with Competitactics® and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.




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December 14th, 2017
December 8th, 2017